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Dry Needling: Services


Patient at the physiotherapy doing physi

Rehabilitative exercises are the type of care that can help you get back at doing what you love to do and enjoying various physical activities. it will help you become more active and get you back to your pre-injured status if not better. 

Rehabilitative exercises aim at restoring the injured person’s movement, decrease pain, increase strength and stability.


Rehabilitative exercises are included in care at Body Cure Sport and Therapy to restore some of the patient's physical, mental, sensory and cognitive capabilities that were compromised due to injury. Some of the exercises will help with activating/facilitating weak and/or dysfunctional muscles, help regulate breathing and improving breathing patterns, strengthen and stabilize joints and improve movements.  

Patients often are prescribed rehabilitative exercises after the initial examination, and report of findings are discussed. It is expected that patients will adhere to their exercise regimen to help expedite recovery and return the patient to pre-injury status if not better. 

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