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Annie Kim, massage therapist


Massage Therapist

Annie Kim is a Registered Massage Therapist, who also studied Contemporary Medical Acupuncture at McMaster University. In her previous years, she attained a bachelor’s degree in Applied Arts and has been working as a visual designer for many years. She is trained thoroughly to help you cope with pain and physical dysfunction associated with soft tissue (muscles, tendons, lymph, fasciae, ligaments, etc.) and joints, or to simply relieve stress and relax. Annie loves to combine Eastern approaches to her treatment, such as neurofunctional acupuncture, dynamic cupping (without leaving big purple bruises on your skin) and IASTM therapy (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue mobilization).

In her practices, she will not only target the complaints locally but also treat all affected areas for a greater outcome. She can perform various massage techniques, incorporating her creativity into treatments that are tailored to the goals of your treatment. In addition, she will kindly instruct self-care strategies after the treatment for prolonged results.

Annie’s goal as a manual therapist is to let your body know that most of the musculoskeletal pain can be significantly reduced. She will guide you to improve the health concerns that are bothersome in your daily life.

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