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Body Cure welcomes our new registered physiotherapist: Shashi Panchal (Shash)

Shash is a highly educated, skilled, and compassionate professional from Ontario, Canada who received his Physiotherapy degree at Manchester Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom. Shash takes pride in looking after his mind, body, and health, and shares that passion in helping his patients live their most optimal life. Although he enjoys all forms of fitness and sport he specialized in playing over 15 years of baseball and volleyball at competitive levels.

Shash’s background includes helping clients to overcome disorders, challenges, and injuries to achieve their physical health goals. From assessing patient conditions and developing treatment plans to recommending appropriate exercises and assisting patients with pain management, Shash has consistently resulted in helping patients quickly recover from physical ailments to the greatest extent possible. He also possesses the ability to quickly connect with patients and establish trusting relationships with his strong communication talents.

Primarily, he supports patients in restoring original function and lessening disabilities associated with orthopedic, neurologic, trauma, medical, surgical, and sport-related injuries from various diagnostic groups. He also possesses the experience and a special skillset in working with professional and top high-level athletes from various sports to prevent injury and improve performance.

Shash has a proven commitment to excellence in physical rehabilitation and recovery which is coupled with his dedication to providing insightful guidance and support to optimize his patients’ overall health.

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