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Completed a 4 years master's program in Osteopathy involving 4,200 hours of schooling, assessment, and clinical experience.  Prior to this, graduated York University with a Bachelor of Science with honours in Kinesiology, and gained an exercise physiology certificate at York university with the Health and fitness federation of Canada, where I gained a great understanding of the different exercise systems of the body.


Treating during all four years of school and after, I have completed thousands of treatments on the widest range of bodies.  From old to young, from healthy to sick, from athletic to non – athletic, the great science of Osteopathy is beneficial for all.  I am very interested in the complete body approach of Osteopathy, and how science has allowed me to look at the anatomy in a completely different way.  The first principle of Osteopathy is “the body is a unit” and the body never ceases to amaze me with its healing capabilities when it is functioning optimally. 

The mind and body cannot be separated, and the great science of Osteopathy has allowed me to help people with their mental health by allowing all the great nutrients of the body to get to the brain, and all the waste products leave the brain.  Everyone is forced to do repetitive motion throughout their day.  

My main philosophy is that every patient Is different, and all patients need to be treated based on the assessment which was done on them.  Along with the right nutrition, sleep, and exercise, Osteopathy allows the blood, lymph, and nervous system to do its job to the fullest.


My goal is to allow your body to achieve its optimal health by manipulating the body’s muscles and joints.   

Dr. Yako Mirogi: Our Team
Lara Hanna
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